About us

At Banta, everything we do, we beliveing in making you unstoppable. The way we achieve this is by making our service reliable & our products user-friendly. We just happen to run an e-commerce website


We’ll save you time and money on managing your customers because that’s ALL we’ll be doing to ensure your brand brings more joy to the world! We want you to concentrate on creating your awesome products while we manage all the behind the scenes stress.


We're an awesome team of young individuals who want to make customers excited about your products, which they're already in love with


We provide complete fulfillment for your products.

1. Increase your customers through banta.ng

2. Manage your inventory

3. Package your products for delivery

4. Manage customers with any requests they may have

5. Seamlessly pay into your bank account


We’ll reach everyone WORLD WIDE!


We’re Live! The time to start was yesterday, let’s get going!


It’s all about the customers. We are a customer company

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